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I am a Youth, Child & Refugee Advocate. I have had the honor of travelling across Canada on youth missions in Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Toronto. The conferences have been based on Youth Volunteering, Reconciliation, Racism, Leadership, Human Rights, Social Ventures and Advocacy among others. I have been humbled to call Edmonton since arriving in Canada as a Refugee and it is always an honor to give back to society. I give my time, energy and even at times finance to different organizations which are doing amazing work. I love volunteering and giving back!! I am the co-founder of DAYA, a youth-led non-profit organization based  in Edmonton, Canada.

I have had the opportunity to be part of Youth Assembly at UN in New York few times and was invited by Friendship Ambassador Foundation to be a Peer Mentor on Social Ventures. Also it was an honor to join the Canadian government as a delegate to the UN in September of 2016 for General Assembly and the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees Crisis. I have also been honored to journey to US, Russia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, and the West Bank on youth missions.

I love and enjoy doing Public Speaking whether on my personal experience as a Refugee, Volunteerism, Youth Advocacy, Leadership and why everyone should care and get involved in society matters. I have been an MC at a number of events in the city, I have been on event planning committees and have also moderated few events. I have participated in great causes in Edmonton, across Canada, and around the world. I put my heart in everything I do and I love it when I’m part of a panel or a keynote speaker.

Whether you need an MC, a Speaker or Moderator, it would be an honor to participate in your event or meeting anywhere across the world. I love losing myself in the service of others and it is always an honor to support others to reach their full potential. Please CLICK HERE for an interview that I did after a rally lending our voices to the Nigerian school girls.


Twitter/Instragram: @HumanitySeed
Facebook: Humanity Seed

I am based in Edmonton, Canada but a proud Global Citizen and ready for the next adventure! I have faith in Humanity and I believe in the spirit of Ubuntu.


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