I Fear The Unknown, But

The fear of the unknown and failing are both real. As human beings, we are often kept away from accomplishing all that we could because of wanting to stay in our comfort zones. Often we missed on amazing opportunities because we don’t want to face the unknown. And often our minds remind us over and over again about failing and soon we find ourselves not progressing. We always think of all the things that could go wrong and maybe at times fail to even recognize everything or even one thing that could go right as a result of certain action. Or we are well aware of what might go right, but not courageous enough to act upon.


As I explained in my previous blog post, the move to Shanghai, China for Masters program was not an easy move. Months and weeks before the arrival, I had lot of questions than answers. My heart was saying “GO FOR IT.” but my mind was not sure. The reason my heart was sure is because I believed and knew that this is an amazing and awesome opportunity not to pass by. I believed that the travels I had done in the past, whether at conferences or volunteering, led to this huge opportunity and so I was ready to take on the world! This God given opportunity was not be let go by. Despite the many questions I had head and the many others from people which I couldn’t answer, I was excited for China and yet nervous because it’s a place I had never been to.Β The language, culture and society were all the unknown factors. All I knew is I was going to China for studies and the rest were tomorrow’s worries. I didn’t want to think too much but I believed, took courage and arrived in CHINA!!!

Recently I had also been facing another fear of the unknown. For many months I had been thinking of learning how to edit videos so that I can share the excitements of travels and what humanity has to offer around the world. I wanted to share the experience in China as an international student, culture and the generosity of the people. As video editing softwares are not cheap, I really kept thinking very hard whether it is worth spending the money since I had no skills. I kept on thinking, what if I spend the money and things don’t go as I had hoped. In my mind I had this perfect idea about what I would like to accomplish, but kept thinking of everything that could go wrong. Although I am someone who believes in investing in the vision, the process is always not a smooth one. There are often lot of self arguments in the mind and trying to picture out the different outcomes. For many months and weeks, I kept on thinking, thinking and thinking. The first step was to buy a laptop and its first purpose was for school, but also with the video idea in mind. The next big step I took towards realization of video making was buying a camera few weeks ago. Step by step things were starting to come together. I am glad to say that the final big investment I have made in past few hours is finally buying the video editing software. I am ready to do more blogging and add videos to the experience.
I love story telling and sharing with others what I know or been through in the hopes of helping them. Maybe you are also having challenges in regard to big decisions or even small ones. Even though I have been able to overcome the fear of unknown and of failure in some cases, there have been other times when the fear kept me from other things. As I continue to learn and grow, the hope is to continue investing accordingly in what I believe in and don’t allow fear to keep me from achieving all that is possible. Please kindly stay tuned for stories about life in China and the amazing people and things from this great land. In travels I have learned so much and I love sharing in the hope it might help someone out there to achieve what they are destined for.

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