Be Yourself

There’s this quote by Oscar Wilde which says, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Maybe you might not have come across this exact quote but the message of “Be Yourself” you might have heard it. Whether it’s through videos, pictures, social media or other forms, there are lot of people we admire out there. And some of them at times we aspire to even be them. At times we start speaking or acting the way they do. And slowly we become displeased by being our God created self.

IMG_20150212_135303Picture: Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York in Feb 2015 with Devex team

There are huge differences between being inspired by someone and aspiring to be them. In the world of social media; it is very important that we differentiate the differences and stay true to ourselves and what God called us to be. As someone who loves to travel and service to humanity; in the recent few months I have been really thinking of how to best continue forward. In the process of thinking, I came across many videos on YouTube and Facebook of people sharing their adventures across the world. I felt that something was missing from my trips and wanted to take a new approach. I felt that blogging was out of fashion and this was the way forward. In the few travels that I have been honored to take the past few years, I have blogged about some of them. I have a gift of writing and it’s the best way to express myself and share with the world my purpose and what brings me alive. I also enjoy public speaking. I fell so much in love with the video idea that I started devaluing what I know I’m good at.

I’m not sure if it’s just one, but somehow the people who make videos all seem to have amazing voices; so smoothing peaceful. And here I was starting to think of ways to smooth my voice instead of the normal way of speaking. In my mind I was like, this deep voice of mine cannot voice over videos. I was so inspired by the video people that I was aspiring to be like them. One thing I had forgotten is that even though we can learn different things and be perfect at them, deep inside us there’s some things that brings the excitements and makes this life worth leaving. So the solution was not to leave blogging altogether and focus on perfecting the art of making videos, but solution is to continue sharing stories and experiences in the best way possible. As for now the best way possible is to do more blogging with already another book idea in my of bringing my life experiences and service to humanity together. In the meanwhile I would like to bring your attention to a book that I self published in late in 2014. Please Click Here.

IMG_20151024_163539.jpgPicture: Book signing in Edmonton, Canada in October 2015

Let’s be inspired by others, but let’s not devalue what we know we’re good at. Even though I have always been a believer and my own number fan in everything that I do, this is a challenge which I have had the past few months. My hope is that you’ll find what brings the best out of you and give it fully to the world. As for me; I love story telling and sharing my experiences whether in community or around the world and I look forward to sharing with you all about the amazing people of China! As I noted in my last blog, I had lot of challenges when I first moved to Shanghai for Masters study, but the humanity of the people cannot go unnoticed in the process of trying to find myself in this new society. I look forward to sharing with you about the beauty of humanity in China and what we can all learn from each other.

No matter your surroundings or those who inspire you, remember to always stay true to yourself and wake up every morning with a grateful heart ready to take on the world! You can learn new ways but don’t devalue what you do best.

#HumanitySeed: For the love of Humanity and Travel

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