Dream. Believe. Work

Most of us dream of a better life, but only a few people actually willing to believe and work hard to make it happen. If you know that you there’s a better life than the one you’re living, why not work hard to achieve? I have been blessed to so far live 27 years on this earth and I have learned a lot. As a former Refugee, I didn’t wish for that situation, but now that it has past, I am grateful for the experience because it is part of who I am. Our past contribute greatly to the things we do today and the life that we aspire to do. I understand that we all have different hardships in life, but it is what we do that counts instead of feeling sorry or victims. There are awesome people on this earth and there are also those who always looking to do harm to others, but that should not change who we are. If you have been through a life changing experience, it is up to you to write a new chapter and fight hard in order to transform your life for the better. And once you’ve transformed your life, use your experience to support those near and far. As a former Refugee I use my story and experience to inspire and help others to achieve their full potential. Over the past few years I have been doing volunteer work, but it was never always easy with school and other family matters. Life is not easy but the time is always right to dream, believe and work hard.


Today (May 7, 2017) marks one year ago since I graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration. Lot of sacrifices had to happen in order for me to graduate. In 2014 when I achieved the diploma, I remember sitting my mother down and told her that I cannot continue. We were having family hardships and I didn’t think I would be able to achieve the degree. I wanted to work and support accordingly, but my mom said no. She was not in favor of me stopping midway and encouraged me to continue. I took her advised to continue with school and just committed myself to part-time work. From 2014 to 2016 it was an uphill to graduation. Some classes I passed easily, some were a challenge and even had to retake 2 of them. Even though school was challenging I still could not see myself leaving volunteer work because it’s the kind of work which kept me grounded and left good to focus on helping others than continuous worry of my own trouble.

It was the greatest joy when I walked across the stage on May 7, 2016 as a proud graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I was filled with great emotion and it was truly humbling to have my mom present because without her, it wouldn’t have been possible. I had a dream to achieve higher education and my mom kept that dream alive. I believed that it was possible to achieve and worked hard to make it happen!Β Many people admire me for the community work I do, but such work as not always come easy. It has been an uphill battle to continue dreaming, believing and work hard. My family and friends have always been there to support me and I’ll forever be grateful. My mom has and will always be my rock, foundation, my Queen and my everything. I give glory and honor to God on coming this far and I believe that the best is yet to come.

I didn’t just have challenges as a Refugee, but even since coming to Canada I have had challenges. There have been many times in life when I wanted to give up but when I look at how far I’ve come, I found the encourage to push forward. In other cases people have inspired me, encouraged and believed in me to achieve my full potential. The universe as played a great role in my success and continuous advancement and this is one of the many reasons I am passionate about humanity and giving back. I have been through hardships and my desire is to help others overcome theirs.


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