Open Your Heart to Refugees

Hey all!! Another exciting and busy week has gone by. My internship is getting very busy and so is the class work. On Monday, October 17th, I received the first family which was specifically assigned to me. First of all, on Oct 15th I had joined one of my boss at work to help deliver furniture and groceries to the home where the family will stay. I usually don’t work on Saturdays, but I was more than happy to stop by for few hours as we make sure the house and everything is ready for the family’s arrival.

I woke up early in the morning on Monday and got ready for work. Upon arrival at work I then drove off to the airport with my colleague who was also expecting arrivals. We arrived at the airport just after 9am and waited for about 2 hours for the families to finish the immigration paper works in the airport as it sometimes take hours and hours. The waiting period is always unique to me because this is when lot of thoughts usually runs through my head. As I watch other families walking through the international arrivals, I was thinking of what must be going through their minds. As soon as that airplane lands, for some of them, it is the beginning of a new life. They left their families, friends, careers, education and communities in search of a better life in the United States. Some of these people have been through a lot in their home countries and it always breaks my heart to see other nation citizens not so welcoming. We continue to see the mistreatment of Refugees some countries in Middle East and Europe. Some people either don’t know the meaning of a Refugee and others are simply ignorant of what going on around the world to even care. Let’s all join force and be more welcoming of Refugees in order to make their transition to a new life as easier as possible instead of making life more challenging when they are already vulnerable. Refugee rights are human rights and we should all fight to make life better for them.  img_20161002_142011

The family that I was waiting for finally walked out of the doors accompanied by one of International Organization for Migration (IOM) employee. I introduced myself and told the them that I am their assigned Case Manager. My goal is to continue helping Refugees around the world and to get the experience of a Case Manager is a dream come true. My colleague and I helped with their luggage and led them to the car. We drove off to get them something to eat as it had been a long journey and can only imagine how hungry and tired they must be. My colleague picked a restaurant which serve food from their homeland and they loved it. After eating we then drove them off to their new home where everything was ready so they can have the much needed rest. I told them that I’ll come visit tomorrow in order to give them more information on their new lives once they’ve rested. img_20160922_143606

Tuesday, Oct 18th came and it was yet another promising but very busy day. Once all families arrive, we have to do a 24 hour home visit in order to further assess the house condition and take them to officially sign the lease. We also ask questions about the family’s health to ensure that everything is okay. My colleague dropped me to the family’s house while she went to check on her case. I spent few hours with the family assess the house, explaining the resettlement process and that I am here to help them in all of my capacities through the organization. The family was very appreciative and I was very joyful to be in such a position to help make their transition as smooth as possible. I then took the father to the leasing office for house rules to be explained before signing the lease. There were so many papers to sign but we got through them all. I spent Wednesday Oct 19th in the office making sure the family’s paper works are in order and also getting help with any questions that I was not able to answer for the family during my visit because I am learning as I go along. I was also on regular communication with the father on Wednesday to ensure that everything is good and that he should reach out should any questions arises. On Thursday my colleague was expecting a new arrival and so I volunteered to go and help her out because I want to learn as much as possible through every opportunity that I get.

I can continue on and on and on, but I will stop right here. There’s just so much to share about  this experience and I’m forever grateful. It is an honor and humbling to be able to help Refugees transition into their new lives here in United States. This is not a job for me, but a calling, a purpose, from God. Please kindly stay tuned this week for a new blog post. My continuous appreciation for reading, liking, commenting and share with others.

I always share from the heart and hope you enjoy reading!

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