Global Festival: Representing Africa

For those who continue to read my weekly blog posts, thank you very much! I am always happy and inspired to continue sharing the experience when I look at my stats. This week has been an amazing one and on Friday we had so much fun. The Washington Center hosted Global Festival and students from around the world, including yours truly, represented with food, presentations, and performances. It was truly the most fun I’ve had since arriving in Washington DC for this life changing opportunity!

My internship with Migration and Refugee Services in Arlington continues to be amazing. I had my review on Wednesday and I was truly humbled for the nice comments my supervisor said and wrote about the work I’ve been doing so far. For me, this is truly my calling and purpose in life and it is great to wake up every morning knowing that I have the opportunity to contribute to the resettlement of Refugees.


My colleague and I went grocery shopping for some families on Tuesday before they had arrived. This was my first time grocery shopping for families and it was an amazing experience. We went to an international store. The food was at a great price that I didn’t to even do my own grocery shopping. I was looking at the prices and received that I have been doing shopping at expensive places because I didn’t know much. Moreover, On Wednesday I joined my other colleague and together we drove some families to apply for Social Security. And on Thursday we were back at the airport to pick up some newly arrivals. The airport pickup is always emotional for me. What goes in my mind is that as soon as those people land on US ground, a new life begins! A life of excitements which is mixed with the unknowns. As someone who was once on the other side, it is with great humility to help Refugees resettle and share with them my story.

In the upcoming days, weeks and months the plan is to really continue learning as much as possible in order to give back to the best of my knowledge and abilities. Please kindly stay tuned for week’s exciting post because I’m in charge of a family which arrives on Monday!!

God Bless

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