Purpose: I am in Love With Humanity

In the great words of Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I would like to take this further and say, there’s no greater agony than bearing a desire to help humanity inside you. I have this burning desire and purpose to reach out to humanity and improve their livelihood. This purpose and calling continues to grow the more time I spend here in Washington DC. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Management few months ago, I was looking for something to do and this opportunity came about. My time in DC has and continues to help me with three things; 1) Network with fellow young minded people when it comes to social change, 2) Learn as much as possible by reading and from others in respective fields of helping humanity, and 3) continuous preparing myself and be on standby to serve humanity once my time in DC concludes or also during. There’s really nothing more that I love more than to lose myself in the service of others.


This week has been a very educational and reflective week. Monday was the closing session of the 71st United Nations General Assembly. You can read about the experience by CLICKING HERE for my previous blog post. At work on Tuesday my colleague and I helped to delivered some features for one family. The gentleman was very grateful to not only receive them, but that we helped to bring them to his house. There are different things that goes into place when helping Refugees resettle and start their new lives and this gesture was among those things. These are different who sometimes come with a plastic bag as their luggage and left everything behind for a new life in unknown land. I have previously worked with my colleague to help get donations and buy other household items, but this was the first time I helped deliver some of the items. This reminded me of moving day.


On Thursday night it was another informative class night. It is always good to learn about civil unrest, Humanitarian missions, United Nations, and about the war that took place and continues to. I love and enjoy this class and I never really want the Professor to stop speaking because I feel such information is what I have been waiting for in order to fully be prepared in the international work. On Friday morning we had an exciting morning session at the Center covering the US election. The had invited Abby Phillip from Washington Post, Lynn Sweet from Chicago Sun-Times, and Manu Raju from CNN was the one asking the panelists questions. It was a very informative session covering the last debt and how Senator Clinton came out strong. On the afternoon I attended a session on Food Insecurity Locally and Globally. This session was put together by Pulitzer Center and they had brought Roger Thurow to be the speaker. Roger Thurow had spent 1000 days in Ethiopia, Uganda, India and Chicago. Good nutrition for women and children in the first 1000 days is very important to their health. It was very great to learn more his journey to these countries and more learning about the health of pregnant women and the kind of nutrition children need. At times he helped educate the women and other locals the kind of food their need in order for their children to grow strong. Pulitzer Center helps with grants to people with a desire to travel to explore a specific issue so they’ve been working with Roger Thurow.


On Saturday I attended a DC Peace Conference organized by Hostelling International USA in partnership with The Washington Center. Hilary Shelton who is the Director of the NAACP Washington Bureau. He spoke of the history of the organization founded in 1909 believing that the Nation can be a better place for all people. It was very important to understand the history of slavery and how all people can move forward. He spoke about the racial tension, policing and how they are working with law markers to improve the living situations of people. He said they are not where they would want to be but things are getting better. After that is was an exciting panel which took the stage. Avi Edlman, Program Director of Operation Understanding DC, Heather L Taylor, Tahirih Justice Center Greater DC Director and Parisa Norouzi, Executive Director of Empower DC. They all spoke of how their organizations are not only working with people from different backgrounds to improve their lives. Social issues affects all of us one way or another and it’s our duty and responsibility to work together for better societies.

Friday and Saturday events helped me to network with fellow young people from around the world who are passionate about social change, travel and losing themselves in the service of others. It is always a great honor to connect with like minded people!!

I am grateful for the present and excited for what tomorrow holds. Please kindly stay tuned for next week’s blog post. Feel free to share and comment.

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