Travelling is Part of my Career

Hello all!!! Another week has come to an end here in Washington DC and I thank God for his continuous guidance and protection in everything. This week I would like to talk about the class that I’ve been taking and some professional activities. Also, I’ll talk a little bit about my wonderful house/roommates who are from Mexico, US and Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory) which is located on Spain’s south cost. The past few blogs I have been mainly focusing on work and how awesome the Internship is so this week I’ll step away from that and highlight some of the wonderful activities we are doing here at The Washington Center as part of the Exchange program with young leaders people from around the world.

As you might have noticed, I love writing and it is always a joy for me to share about my experience travelling. Before I established this website and blogging place, I used to write mostly in journal (which I still enjoying doing) but it is also great to just share the experience right away. I have been using my wonderful journal to write some activities which we’re doing and also recently wrote an awesome entry for September 12th when I received a phone call inviting me to join Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other Canadian Delegation at the UN next week.img_20160917_122123

Speaking of the JOURNAL!!! It’s the above picture. Isn’t its cover awesome!!? Before I open it when I want to write, I always look at the cover which is an inspiration and reminds me to always be a man of action in everything. This journal was a gift for my graduation from a young, amazing, and awesome lady whom means the world to me. I have so much love and respect for her. She’s someone who I had always enjoyed her company before leaving and misses so much. She’s someone who has great love for humanity and working with fellow young people to bring change in the community. She supports and believe in all that I do and for that, I’ll forever love her.

So the class that I’m taking here at The Washington Center is called International Organizations and Humanitarian Law!! The Professor speaks with great passion for the Humanity and Humanitarian Law. The class is on Thursdays evening (1830-2130). Even though its a night class, I really never want the Professor to finish because every issue he talks about, it touches my heart. The past few weeks since we started the class we’ve been covering the United Nations (UN) as an organization, its effectiveness and some of the wars that have happened around the world. I remember few weeks ago when I introduced myself that I was born in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Professor asked me whether I planned to work there one day. He knows about the Congo situation where millions have been died throughout the years and right now where the UN has the largest  (I believe) Peacekeeping force.img_20160911_160135

Whether it’s Congo, Burundi, Rwanda (1994), Syria, or Libya, we have come a long way and still have a long way to go to ensure the protection of civilians around the world in conflicts areas. Just like my Professor says “The UN is not a perfect organization, but it is the best that we have…. and if we didn’t have it, we would want to create a system such as the UN.” It is up to citizens and governments to ensure the effectiveness of UN and make sure it’s accomplishing its mandate. We have also been talking about some of the US’s actions around the world throughout the years and there will be a debate as part of the class which I’m excited about. This is truly an exciting class and as someone with great love and desire to help humanity in my full capacities, I am glad to learn about history and how we can work together to ensure things are better. Also, we have professional activities such as getting ready for the work force, graduate school, and different professional careers. I had the opportunity to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and it was such an emotional experience. We have an assignment where we will write about our experience visiting two memorials around DC which I’ll be more than happy to share with the world once I write the paper. Please kindly stay tuned for a journey throughout history, lost of lives and those who stood against injustice.  img_20160914_073816

After weeks of living in Washington DC, please allow me to talk about the awesome people I live with. When I first arrived to The Washington Center, I found that Jacob had already checked in. Jacob is from Texas and he’s studying Journalism. The other gentleman who joined us few days after check-in is Charles. He is from Gibraltar and he just finished his studies in International Affairs. The other gentleman who arrived days later and now a brother of mine, Adrian! He is from Mexico! He studies Mechanical Engineering back home. We are four people from different parts of the world, walks of life, and family backgrounds. It is a great honor to share the house with these 3 awesome gentleman and I’ve come to love them so much. Yesterday Adrian and I were having a conversation about travels and I said hopefully one day I’ll visit Mexico and he said, “You’re welcome…my home is your home.” This is one of the most powerful statement that you can hear as a proud Global Citizen.

Please stay tuned for next Saturday’s (September 24th) blog post where I’ll share my experience of being invited to join the Leaders of Canada, USA, Jordan, Mexico, Ethiopia, Germany and Sweden at the United Nations for Leader’s Summit on the Global Refugee Crisis during the General Assembly week, an event which President Obama is co-hosting!! I’ll be part of the Canadian Delegation with the Prime Minister and it’s a great honor!

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