Purpose: Life is a Learning Experience

Another blessed week has come and go here in Washington DC. This has really been a week of doing a lot of reflecting during to work, visit around the city and just when chilling at home with nothing to do. I am the kind of person who loves people, culture, exploring countries and continuously thinking of the best and most effective way of how I can help humanity prosper in all of abilities. Just 4 days after starting my Masters program online, I decided to put it on hold. In the upcoming months I’ll share on why I took such life changing decision, but surly it involves travelling!!!! img_20160909_164529

On Sunday, September 4th I woke up in the morning and went to a church nearby. The Preacher had read Psalms 23: 1-6 and the message really touched me. The message speaks of how God is our Shepherd and he always has our backs as long we stay true to him. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” Through the good and the bad in our lives, God knows everything and he’s always there to comfort us, but all he requires from us is to stay faithful. Before you even pray, God already knows what your heart desires.img_20160904_164525

After church I visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and it was a very emotional and educative visit. I have always heard about the Holocaust and I do know about what had happen at the time of Nazi Germany, but this visit was more in depth information. I learned about the time that Hitler took power, to the moment the boycott of Jewish businesses started and killings in concentration camps. Germany started colonizing neighboring countries and eventually it led to the Second World War. I concluded my Sunday by vising the Lincoln Memorial which was also a pleasant visit. I am one who loves history and humanity so it is great to learn about the moments history which transformed lives around the world.img_20160904_140712

Monday was Labor Day holiday and so there was no work. I spent the day just chilling at home. On Tuesday we reported to work and there was nothing much to do this week. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday doing fillings for Refugees who had arrived in previous years. We organized documents so that they might be easier to find. On Thursday morning we drove with a colleague to this one family home to help with job findings. The family had been resettled couple of years ago, but still needed jobs in their respective fields. This was our first time going to a home because we’ve been working from the office, but this family was unable to come by. The colleague asked the couple about the work they do now and the one they want to get into. It was great to watch my colleague in action because later that same day, I helped with another application at the office. We are being trained to be able to help clients (Refugees) with job applications, school supplies, resumes and housing among others. In the upcoming weeks and months we will be having our own Refugee families which we will help them from the very first day their arrive in US and during the resettlement process. This kind of experience is something which I am looking forward to and very much passionate about. img_20160909_150641

On Friday we went on a field trip to Organization of American States (OAS). This was the first time of hearing of such organization even though it is the world’s oldest regional organization. It is an inter-American system which brings countries together from South and North America and in the hemisphere. It has 35 member States but only 34 are active at the moment because even though Cuba being one of the founding member, it was kicked out few years ago due to the trouble at home (During 1960s). The door for Cuba to come back into the organization has been opened but the country has shown no sign yet they want to come back. The organization has 4 pillars which are; 1) Democracy, 2) Human Rights, 3) Security, and 4) Development. The system of OAS is similar to that of the United Nations. Since this was my first time hearing and learning about the organization, it was really mind opening. Our time at OAS ended around 16:20 and I decided to go and visit the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It felt good to be back home and thought of so much that I want to accomplish here in Washington, DC and after. I thought of how it would feel when I am really back on the ground in DRC after so many years away.

I kindly ask you to stay tuned for next week’s blog post. Please do comment and share around with loved ones.


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