Washington DC: Thank You Lord

As promised, I will be posting weekly blogs about my experience and time here in Washington, D.C while taking International Affairs and Interning at Migration and Refugee Services which is located in Arlington. One of the best part of me about travelling is sharing with the world. I hope you will be taking few minutes from your time every week to read, comment and share with others as I’m writing from the heart.


I would like to start by saying thank you to the Lord who continues to make everything possible. Also, special thanks to my mom, African Queen, the most inspiring, strong and supportive woman any man could ever ask for. As I continue to settle here in Washington DC, today I was thinking of how far I’ve come and the many people who contributed to my success one way or another. I am forever grateful to my family, friends, mentors, teachers, supporters, schools, and the community (Edmonton, Canada), at large.

I was honored to have spent few days in New York for Youth Assembly at the United Nations, about two weeks in New Jersey (Madison, Bayonne & Elizabeth), and a visit to Philadelphia to reunite with a long time friend and brother who I hadn’t seen in about 8 years (Last time we were both Refugees in Cape Town, South Africa). I would like to send special thanks to Madeleine for her continuous love and support and for being a great friend and sister. She’s an amazing young woman with the biggest heart and it is very humbly to know her. Madeleine is very passionate about humanity, travel and I believe she’ll go a long way in offering her services to the world.


I officially arrived in Washington D.C on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 and it was great to meet fellow Students and Interns from within United States and around the world. The Washington Center is our Host and the place where we will be taking the classes. Since our arrival we have been very busy with orientations and getting as much information needed for our stay. As someone who is very passionate about humanity and learning as much as possible in order to give back, it is very humbling and honor to have this opportunity here in DC. All of us have been very busy going to nearby Walmart and surrounding stores to get household items, grocery, and much more in order to feel at home. Usefully there are few stress that comes with moving but this is a moving that is non like other. Young people have come from across the United States and the world and are very excited and looking forward to making the most of their time here in the Nation’s Capital. There has been nothing but great joy on everyone’s faces and enjoying this moment. It has also been an honor to meet and get to know each other.

Everyone is enrolled in different programs and the classes will start in upcoming days, but for many of us, August 29th is the first day of Internship. No one knows what will come out of the first day of work but we are very much looking forward to starting. Usually there are interested stories to tell when it comes to first day of work so you have to start tuned for next week’s blog on how the first day and week of work went.

I look forward to continue meeting fellow Students and Interns, excited about my work place as they help Refugees to resettle and looking forward to making new friends and get involved in the community!

4 thoughts on “Washington DC: Thank You Lord

  1. That is great and good work.All thanks be to the most high for the support.I know great things are on the way because you can,you inspire me on that quality you have of believing in yourself no matter the barriers.#Humanity#Love

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  2. Big up for the great things you are doing , surely the sky is the limit. Continue with the same spirit my brother and all the very best in your endeavors . #Thats #Great

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