Because Thank You Matters

In the great word of Elie Wiesel, “If the only prayer you say throughout your life is “Thank You,” then that will be enough.”

Because THANK YOU matters, I just want to write this blog post expressing my gratitude to the universe. Thank you to God for his continuous wonders and blessings upon my life. Thank you to my family for their love and support in everything I do. Thank you to my mentors for their words of wisdom, motivation, for believing in me and, at times, for financial support. Thank you to my friends near and far across the oceans and seas for inspiration, motivation and partnership.

Furthermore, thank you to colleagues from different companies for their support, team work and, at times, inspiring me to deliver the best service possible and do my job to the best of my abilities. Thank you to the education institutes for a safe, friendly and health environment to study and make histories. Thank you to the teachers for their advises and caring about my process and supporting where possible. Thank you to fellow students for their support, motivation and team work when it came to get the job done. Thank you to the non-profit organizations for allowing me to give back and help others to the best of my ability and also grow along the way.

Orphanage.jpgJune 8, 2014 Celebration at Orphanage in Kenya.

The in past 5 years I have been honored to visit Kenya, Russia, Ethiopia, Burundi and US few times so thank you to the government officials and citizens of these countries for allowing me in and making my stay worthwhile. Also, thank you to the Government of Canada for the freedom of entering and leaving the country freely. Thank you to the community of Edmonton for being home since immigrating from Cape Town, South Africa. And thank you everyone in Edmonton for the love and support across the city. Thank you for creating opportunities and allowing me to be the best that I can be.

Thank you to the brothers and sisters across Canada who have somehow contributed and continue to contribute to the work I so much take pride in doing. Thank you to the organizations who have been responsible of putting together the conferences that I have attended and so much enjoyed networking and learning. Thank you to the members of Diaspora African Youth Association (DAYA) for allowing me to serve at the President since its founding. It has been an honor to work along fellow passionate young Africans who wants to give back to the community and discovery their potential along the way. It has been an honor to serve to the best of my ability.

Special thanks to my beautiful mom and special mom, the greatest African Queen for being my rock and foundation in everything I do. The greatest mom that any son could ask for. Also, thank you to my lovely sister, Angeline, for her everything she has done for me throughout the years. My whole family has been wonderful and allows me to be free like a bird so thank you to them.

Just in case I forgot anyone, THANK YOU everyone and the universe as a whole for everything that you have contributed to me and everything I do. Thank you to those who have supported me financially in order to continue doing what I do best.

I have the honor and opportunity to study International Affairs at The Washington Center for 4 months in Washington DC while completing an Internship. This adventure starts in August of 2016 and goes until December. Please kindly stay tuned for blog post every week on how the experience is going. I look forward to sharing with all of my supporters and the universe on my growth, the lessons and exciting things that will take place. Before this adventure I’ll stop in New Jersey and New York.


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