#BlackLivesMatter #Humanity

They come a time in our life that we are called on to take a stand against any kind of injustice happening around us. Yes we know and understand that All Lives Matters, but let’s focus on the Black Lives for now, because if you’re not willing to stand up for fellow brothers and sisters, then you’re also part of the problem, a very big PROBLEM. You either stand around and watch/listen or stand up for actions against the injustice black people continue to experience at the hands of heartless and careless polices.

My heart is broken, crying and tired of praying alone because this has not gotten us anywhere. Even God says that prayers and hopes must be accompanied by ACTIONS in order to see a result. As black people and the brothers and sisters who stand with us against these injustice, it is time to see greater actions across America. Let’s see the value and dignity of fellow human beings instead of killing them like their lives mean nothing.

Gerard in NYC

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” This is not a black people problem, but it’s a humanity problem and affects all of us in one way or anther. I call upon the polices, lawmakers, and citizens across America to unite and start working towards solutions. Many have been killed and others continue on mourning and crying for change but it seems that things keep on getting worse instead of getting better. Let’s not be the ones to only speak out or take to Social Media when a brother or sister is killed, but let’s continue moving forward and pushing for things to change because slowly we’ll get tired if there’s no change. Let’s not make this part of our everyday lives. We need change as part of our daily lives.

WE SHALL OVERCOME. WE MUST OVERCOME. Change requires everyone to unite and work together. This is not a black people issue, but a humanity issue so let’s act like it and start getting some actions. We have talked and protest for far too long but nothing is changing. I believe and still have hope in humanity that things will work out for the best. Thank you to all those who continue to dedicate their time and energy against such injustice.

#WeShallOvercome and#WeMustOvercome for the benefits of humanity!!

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