Dear Canadian Government: SEND ME for Syrians Refugees

Gerard in NYC

Dear Canadian Government: SEND ME for Syrians Refugees

As the millions of Syrians continue to suffer and the young boy, Alan Kurdi, laid to rest in Syria, the very country that the family tried to run away from, many around the world are asking themselves how they can help. Canadian citizens, mayors, premiers and other political leaders are all calling for the government of Canada to urgently do something about the situation. Some people are supporting local organizations which are helping on the ground, churches and others even personally supporting Syrian Refugees, such as the Mayor of Toronto, John Tory.

For me personally, I have been a monthly donor of UNHCR, UN’s Refugee Agency, working to better the lives of millions of Refugees around the world. As a former Refugee from several countries in Africa, I saw firsthand how the Refugee Agency goes over and beyond to support those who ran away from war and/or prosecution. To those who have been touched by what is happening to the people of Syria and millions more Refugees around the world, please consider putting your words into action and become a monthly donor of UNHCR or any other organization of your choice which is working hard to support Refugees and find solutions for them.


Undispatch. (2014, 08 29). Retrieved from Undispatch:

With many Canadians looking for ways to help out and pushing the government to immediately accept Syrian Refugees into the country, there’s lot of work that is needed to be done on the ground in Refugee camps to identify those who needs immediate support and get the right documentations in place. According to the data by UNHCR, there are Syrian Refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and North Africa and not to forget those who are still looking for a way out of Syria. This has become the biggest movement of Refugees in many years and as human beings, we have to step up for those in need, now more than ever. Many countries in Europe continue to close their borders to humanity and UK’s David Cameron has given into pressure of taking in more Syrians. Did it really have to take the noise of the people for a Prime Minister to act and help those in need? Did it really have to take innocent lives for governments to act? Thank you to Austria and Germany for being so compassion and freely welcoming Refugees into their countries, homes and hearts. Also, thanks to Icelanders for agreeing to take in Syrians into their homes and hearts. This situation calls for every human being’s attention and put our humanity to great use before it’s too late.

2015 Youth Assembly at the United Nations

I hereby call into the United Nations Security Council to find immediate solution to the Syrian crisis before it’s too late. And if really the Canadian government wants to help, I am ready to volunteer and head to the many Refugee camps to help with documentations and help resettle Syrians in Canada right now. As a former Refugee, I know how it feels firsthand even though my situation was not as extreme as those suffering, praying and hoping for a better day. And I encourage call on fellow Canadians to continue pressuring the government to bring Syrian Refugees and also volunteer their time and energy if needs be sent on the ground as official representations. I am ready to serve humanity and ready to head anyway where my service is needed for the greater good of all. WE HAVE TO ACT RIGHT NOW!!!

United for Syrians
Love, Peace & Unity
Gerard Mutabazi Amani

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