Today’s Seeds Are Tomorrow’s Fruits


Today’s Seeds Are Tomorrow’s Fruits

In the great and wise words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Life has been very busy since getting back from Winnipeg on March 8, 2015 where I had the honor and opportunity to participate in Canadian Roots Exchange’s Bridging the Gap National Youth Forum. In the past few days, School, community and other life’s happenings have kept me busy and sometimes I wish I could take it easy, but I quite enjoy my schedule. I give honor and glory to the Most High for all of his blessings and wonders upon my life. I enjoy running to meetings across the city, getting my school work in, spending time with family and earning a bit of income through part-time job. At the day of the day, everything contributes to my well-being and one step closer in achieving my dreams and goals.


Last week I was honored to be part of two great events in the community. One of those event was NorQuest College’s 50 year Anniversary and College-Wide Learning Day which took place on March 20th. As an alumnus of NorQuest, I was invited to speak about my journey and experience with the college. I was truly humbled to stand in front of hundreds and share my story of how the college supported and changed my life since arriving in Canada in 2008. I overwhelmed with the love when I received a standing ovation when I was introduced and when concluded my speech. It was an emotional moment and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything in my life and all that I have achieved since coming to Canada as a Refugee.

The other event was “This is Our Canada” which was put by John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights with Emmanuel Jal being the Guest Speaker. This is a provincial (Alberta) wide tour where Emmanuel is speaking about his story of being a former Child Solider in South Sudan many years ago and encouraging and inspiring young people to build better communities through peaceful means. The first picture above is of me and Emmanuel. It was truly an honor to meet such a great man who went from Child Solider to Recording Artist and Peace Activist. I congratulated him on his awesome job well done and the amazing causes which he has taken upon; including establishing organizations such as called Gua Africa in South Sudan. To those who are unaware, Emmanuel is one of the stars of The Good Lie movie. I also had the honor of meeting City of Edmonton Councilor, Amarjeet Sohi together with his wife.


Even though I have had a crazy busy schedule in the past few weeks I continue to find the time to do what I so much love doing and that is community work. I enjoy meeting with fellow youth and elders in the community and talk about ways we can work together for a better society for everyone. I am sacrificing and working hard today with great determination because I believe in the beauty of my dreams. The seeds I am planting today are tomorrow’s great fruits. The time is always right to do what’s right and if truly you are passionate about something, you will find time to fit it in. As human beings, we tend to blame it on time or life’s happenings but we have to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles and what’s different is how we deal with them Don’t let life’s busyness keep you away from your dreams and goals because you will look back and wish you could have at least invested the energy to something beautiful and productive. Take the time needed out of your day and do something out of the ordinary and challenge yourself for once.

Remember that today’s seeds are tomorrow’s fruits.

Love, Peace & Unity
One Seed At Time
Gerard Mutabazi Amani

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