Everything is Possible, Change Starts With Us


I am honored, humbled and grateful to be invited by the Canadian Roots Exchange to participate in this year’s National Youth Forum where the theme is Bridging The Gap. The Forum brings together Canadians and residents from across the country for a three day exciting exchange on how we can come together and work toward a better nation. The organization educates people about the history of indigenous people in Canada, the problems that we all faces and how we can build bridges with each other for the benefits of all.


As a proud African, who’s also proud Canadian, I am truly humbled to be invited to share my experience volunteering in the community, youth mission travels and how we can join force in caring for one another. As great citizens and residents of this greater nation, Canada, it is up to us, young people, to build those bridges which will lead to a promising future and ensure everyone is accounted for. It is always interesting to meet people from different background and learn from each other. Canada is full of untold history about its indigenous population and it’s up to the current generation to push forward in ensuring that everyone is living in better societies. I am always honored to learn about the history of people of Canada. In order to know where we are going, we have to take a step backward to learn the history and the issues that our societies struggle with. This is not just one people problem, but it is the problem of everyone that calls Canada home. How can we make home a better place for everyone? The time to start now and we have to take that extra step in learning about each other and joining force to ensure we are heading somewhere amazing and wonderful.

As human beings, we are part of a larger society and it is up to us to care for each other. I invite you to stay tuned for more and upcoming information about this awesome and exciting National Youth Forum which kicks of tomorrow, March 5th and goes until March 7th. The Forum is taking place in Winnipeg, Canada at the Children of the Earth (100 Salter Avenue). Follow the Forum on Social Media by using #BridgingtheGap and for me personally, #OneSeedAtTime.

I care because I am a human being. I am my brother and sister’s keeper. What are you waiting for? You’re the change that you seek and it is time for you to make Canada and the world a better place! We are all one, part of the human race!!

Love, Peace & Unity
One Seed At Time
Gerard Mutabazi Amani

2 thoughts on “Everything is Possible, Change Starts With Us

  1. You are doing a great job; No matter our origin, we are all human being and we are a common destiny…so i am pleased to know that you are working towards inclusiveness to all citizens of CANADA


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