#YouthAssembly at the #UN, Day #2


Today’s day was once again an amazing day. I would like to highlight some of the things which stood out for me and felt really an impact to the work I am doing. Julia Gonzales who is the Mission Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the UN started the conversation off by talking about Youth, Indigenous people and Human Rights in her country. She began by giving a little history of Paraguay and how the youth over there have indeed taken the initiative for change and speaking to other levels of the government. I find this to be very amazing and inspiring for the Government of Paraguay to support and work with youth on issues which as Human Rights, Poverty and the work of the UN. Many Governments around the world are finding ways to run away from youth and not listening to the issues that are affecting the population. “I want you to become the message you want to give to the world.” Julia Gonzales. And then she continued by saying that “If you see negative messages from political leaders, don’t give up.” Many leaders around the world are yet to open the platform for young people and that is one of the reasons why issues continue to rise. It is more important now more than ever for youth to mobilize and speak about the issues that are affecting everyone in the community and the country. If Leaders are not willing to open the platform and work together for the benefits of all, we as young people have to take the initiative and start mobilizing on community level. Gonzales touched on another important point regarding representing other youth. She said that there are those who want to be present, but they can’t even make it into the country for Youth Assembly and that us who are present should represent them. This was a powerful line which also to me speaks about gratefulness. There are many who wishes to just be in the position that you are in but they are not able. You who has that great opportunity should use it to the fullest and be grateful.

A gentleman by the name of Sam Vaghar, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Millennium Network spoke about the importance of sharing stories. He touched on a point that all it takes is one person to share a story to change the world. Story sharing is very powerful and it is a great way to inform people of what you are so passionate about and what you want to do in your life and community. This reminded me of my own work and sharing my story in hopes of inspiring others to give back to the community. Ravi Karkara who is Global Advisor on Youth, Partnership outlined three things which stood out to me. One of them was Participation, second, Inclusion and third was Accountability. Those are three great and awesome things as youth which will play a role in our success.


Another great and fantastic highlight of today is that I was interviewed by devex. They asked me questions about my life coming from DR Congo, youth involvement, some of the things I have done and moving forward. It was a nice opportunity and I was honored to speak with them. I will surly share the video once they have uploaded it on their website which is devex.com. Today was the second and last day of the Youth Assembly and I have truly been humbled to have once again have had the opportunity to be around fellow young leaders who are passionate about having and leaving a better world behind. I met many people from Nigeria, Liberia, Indonesia, Namibia, Haiti, India, Canada, US and even DR Congo just to name a few. I heard that they were over 30 nations represented. The room was so alive and it was great to hear about some of the projects that these amazing young leaders have in their respective communities and countries. As I plan to go back to my community, Edmonton in Canada, I look forward to continuing my involvement and also encourage more youth to join force so that together we can work for the benefits of everyone.


I would like to take this time and say thank you to all those who have supported me. I thank the Friendship Ambassador Foundation and the whole team for putting together such an amazing Youth Assembly. And much appreciated to all those who contributed toward my learning and growth.


Love, Peace & Unity
One Seed at Time
Gerard Mutabazi Amani

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