Girl Pride Circle – #African Girls Leading Change


Girl Pride Circle – African Girls Leading Change

What comes to mind when you see that smart, pretty, young African girl? Do you believe in her golden dreams and aspirations? Do you think about her non-negotiable contribution to societal change?

Girl Pride Circle is a Pro-girl, Not-For-Profit Organization founded in December 2014, which seeks to transform Africa by empowering girls between the ages of 10 and 20. Our mission is to groom and raise millions of ACTION driven young women/girls, who will lead and move the change that Africa seeks. At Girl Pride Circle, young girls are mentored/trained and given the platform to believe in themselves, dream big dreams, explore and embrace their girlhood.

The Journey So Far…

To celebrate Christmas, GPC hosted a Christmas Essay Competition (Lagos, Nigeria Edition) on the topic “How Can Girls Touch Lives at Christmas?” The Essay Competition sought to unravel the creative ideas of girls, especially on ingenious ways to show love and leave indelible marks in peoples’ lives in the course of celebrating the special season. To reward the super girls with excellent entries, GPC delivered Christmas Goody Bags to their doorsteps on Boxing Day! The 10 most outstanding essays were also showcased on the GPC blog.

One of the winners who couldn’t be with her family at Christmas (because they were far away in Northern Nigeria) was taken on an all-expense paid Christmas Hangout – consisting of Movies at the cinemas, Lunch, and an inspiring mentoring session.


Project Kuuliza

The year 2015 is a very significant one for GPC, being that the African Union has declared it as the “Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Agenda 2063”. As a firm believer in this drive, Girl Pride Circle has reaffirmed her commitment towards empowering young girls in 2015 and beyond.

Project Kuuliza – which will be run from January 10th – April 25th, is a starting point for GPC’s empowerment programmes this year. Culled from the Swahili Proverb – “Kuuliza Si Ujinga” – To ask is not stupidity, the project will directly engage 100 girls in a secondary school in Ile-Ife, Nigeria – prompting them to ask questions and sparking conversations/debates around socio-economic issues that affect them as girls. Issues for the discussion-based training include; Embracing Girlhood as a stepping stone, Girls in Leadership/Technology/Entrepreneurship & Combatting Gender Based Violence. Leveraging on Social Media as a veritable tool for impact, Project Kuuliza will also inspire thousands of young girls across Africa to ask questions and seek information from the right platforms.


Other Projects

Through a blog, Girl Pride Circle features a special monthly blog post tagged “Super Girl of the Month”. Here, GPC showcases outstanding young African female leaders who are soaring beyond boundaries and achieving great results in their Academics/Budding Careers or chosen platforms of Social Entrepreneurship. This serves to motivate and further inspire upcoming young girls to reach for the skies and achieve greater heights.

Coming SOON…

This year, Girl Pride Circle would also launch the “Give a Girl a Book” initiative, where individuals would be mobilized to raise funds to purchase books for indigent girls who have managed to be in school, but cannot afford the rising cost of school books.


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Post written by Olaoluwa Abagun, Founder of Girl Pride Circle

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